Our mission, is to change the way the world recruits using referrals. By making referring more engaging, rewarding and transparent for all.


A Network in Minutes

We make it simple to create a powerful internal network, that leverages employees, partner companies and other allies. Drive more referrals, get better talent.

Target Your Network

We target employees and partners that you add to your network, with relevant jobs to refer for. For example, the sales team are incouraged to refer for sales positions.

Community Referrals

We are building a community of professionals, from around the world. Who can refer talent to your jobs (coming soon).

Stay In the Loop

We help referred candidates, referring partners and your team stay up to date. Using email and push, save time while giving a better candidate experience.

Keep Employees Motivated

We incentivise referrals using a combination of cash rewards and points based gamification. We automatically work with your budget to reward when candidates get to interview or are hired.

Referral Feedback

Everyone that refers, has a unique profile, showing their experience and referral performance. Every referral gets reviewed.

“People influence people. Nothing influences people like a recommentation from a trusted friend”

Mark Zuckerberg
CEO & Co-Founder at Facebook

“Referral.Works helps companies to employ the best candidates for vacant roles through a unique referral process.”


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